Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Find Resume for Blue Collar Worker or Factory Worker

Blue collar or unskilled jobs do not require any formal education or training. The workers or labors start their work as soon as the job instructions are provided to them by their contractors or the authorized person. Blue collar workers get jobs mostly on contract basis. They have to face many problems such as low salary, delay in payment, uncertainty about their jobs, etc. Many of the workers wander without a job after the ending of their contracts. 

The majority of blue collar workers are employed at factories and construction sites. They work without any health and security measures. Due to this, many incidents of fatal injuries and accidents occur at factories and construction sites. Their work involves physical and manual tasks. Recently with the commencement of the flagship initiative “Make in India” our Prime Minister Narender Modi wants to revolutionize the unskilled sector in India. “Make in India” is an ambitious project that will drive Indian economy and will produce a lot of job opportunities to the unskilled labor force. Lots of companies have already announced opening of manufacturing units in India. 

Another admirable project is “Digital India” which aims to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity to rural India. The main priority is to make almost all major Government services available to all over India especially to the villages of India. This will help the blue collar workers a lot. A blue collar worker needs job and timely payment for a better living. They are at the bottom of the social and economic structure of India but that doesn’t mean employers can exploit them to their advantage. India will be soon going to have the fifth of world’s working population coming mostly from the construction and manufacturing sectors. 

This information shows that we need lots of blue collar workers. Their life can be improved if we provide them with ample job opportunities. A better life is a fundamental right for everyone. So what if they don’t know the right way of finding jobs. The situation is improving now. As you are reading this, there is one such website theincircle, which aims to provide a better solution for such blue collar workers. The website stores information about blue collar workers and job vacancies for several categories of unskilled jobs such as delivery boys, machine operators, cleaners, peons, security guards, maids, etc. Employers looking for such types of workers can find thousands resume of blue collar workers at www.theincircle.com. 


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