Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Find Jobs As Per Your Skills In Delhi

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Target: Job Seekers
Goal: Promoting the site by encouraging the job seekers to search jobs according to their skills
Our goal in life is to achieve a good position in a job after completing the education. For a career move, we need a job. Being educated does not mean that you can do any job, you should not sell your degree instead you should target to use your skills. Find and apply Jobs as per skill, Focus on your career goal; ask yourself a few questions before applying for the jobs:

·         What you have learnt? (Means your academic qualification, engineering, medical, etc.)
·         What are your skills? (For example, you may be very good at software knowledge, In Design operator or JAVA or PHP knowledge)
·         What you love to do? (Means your hobbies)
·         Do you want to take your hobbies as your career? (Means if you love photography or writing, you have the option to go forward with these hobbies as your career.)
·         What is your career objective? –
1.      Only earning is my goal in life, I will do any job as I am educated.
2.      I will not do the work that is not using my skills.
3.      I am looking for the job where I can earn and learn simultaneously using my skills
4.      I am experienced in the XYZ work, so I will stick to XYZ work only.
5.      I have enough experience in XYZ work, now it’s time to move on and learn something new for the career and salary growth.
It is better to select option 3 if you are a fresher and option 5 if you are an experienced person. Jobs according to your skills is vital, if you are good in operating the hardware task, but working in a position of content writer just for a fat salary means you are losing your education and skills. You should not fit yourself in a wrong job for a big money. Money matters, but, what about the education and skills you have learned during the years? Engaging in a wrong work could affect your current work in which you are not good, and will diminish your previous skills.Search jobs as per your skill.
Being experienced, you should not typecast in one task only. Identify your abilities to other tasks.  Experienced workers have the mindset that they cannot change the company as they can do only one task. They stick to one job for long years at a very low salary. Keep yourself updated as per the market demand. Grow yourself with the new skills.Remember, “stop learning means stop growing”.
If you are not sure of your career goals and skills, do following tasks:
·         Consult the career volunteers to get the right suggestion
·         Browse the reliable job portals to locate the right job that fits you.
·         Review your resume for the skills you have and update accordingly. Your resume should be skill-based.
·         Make all points you are expecting for the new position.
Build the skills that will help you to get a job. Skill development is important than just earning a degree. Our primary drawback of not getting an appropriate job is that we are more theoretical than practical. job portal has a number of job as per your skills. Get more options in a single visit. Register today.



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