Tuesday, 23 June 2015

How Unskilled or Mid-skilled Workers are Important?

It is labor indeed that puts the difference on everything –  John Locke.

Well said, the hard work of a labor is incredible but often unrecognized. Behind every sky-touching buildings, multilevel shopping malls, metro tracks, railway tracks, well maintained air-conditioned offices is sweat and toil of a labor. The labor plays an important role in running a factory, proceeding construction works, and even performing the day-to-day manual works like shifting a home or office, or working as a helper.
The Unskilled Workers are not supposed to work in an air-conditioned cubicle as they are not literate to perform the office works. All they can do is manual work and are flexible in working under any climate (too hot, too cold or even rainy). These categories of workers are low-paid, less demanding but diligent. Employers search the unskilled and mid-skilled workers for their ability to perform the different tasks that require physical strength plus minor acquaintance of operating the tools or machines.

Mid-skilled & Unskilled Workers are always in demand for executing the basic works

Thincircle.com salutes the hard slog of the unskilled and mid-skilled workers. We know the value of a plumber for fixing your running water problem,  a labor to complete the construction work at your home or office, a worker to operate the machine in your factory, an electrician to repair the faulty wire or switch, or a sweeper to collect the daily garbage and maintaining the cleanliness in offices or homes.

For fulfilling all these basic and important tasks, we are depending on the unskilled and mid-skilled workers. Thincircle.com Job Portal believes in the concept of “small is big” and therefore, providing the resumes of all the unskilled and mid-skilled workers.  Treating the mid-skilled and unskilled workers with pride is our first priority. If you are looking for the unskilled and mid-skilled workers, then Thincircle.com is a right place.

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