Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Hiring Of Unskilled Workers Is Simple Through The Job Portals(TheIncircle)

The job opportunities for the factory workers or labors seems to disappear because there is less possibility of Find Resumes of the blue collar workers in India. Another reason why unskilled workers are at risk is increased automation. Thousands of the unskilled workers are toiling in the factories of India. The physical strength is important for unskilled workers, not for all jobs but for many.

An unskilled worker could be less experienced or may be not experienced. For unskilled workers, acquaintance with the nature of work will be sufficient. Unskilled labor does not require specific experience or education, but this category plays an important role in the labor market. Unskilled workers have to perform menial or tiresome tasks where technical skills are not mandatory.
Examples of some of unskilled jobs are peon, sweepers, cleaners and helpers, packers, security guard, field boy, construction laborer, machine operator (semi-automatic), parking lot attendant, information desk clerk, janitor, messenger, fast food delivery boys, etc. However, mid-skilled workers require less physical strength as compared to unskilled workers. Some examples of mid-skilled jobs are drivers, telephone solicitor, salesperson, laundry operator, waiter/waitress, file clerk etc.

Some jobs can fall in both unskilled and mid-skilled categories like security guards, peon, machine operators etc. It is crucial for the employers or factory owners to search the labors or factory workers and finding the resumes of such category was almost impossible. The employer had to contact the consultancies or locate through the personal sources, which are the time taking process without any indemnity. had recognized the need and the importance of the Unskilled Workers in India. Our job portal can easily locate the different categories of the unskilled jobs the employers are searching for. Finding the resumes of the factory workers, labors, mechanics, and other unskilled jobs are now possible by just visiting job portal. Your wait is over!
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