Monday, 13 July 2015

Get Unskilled Workers Resume Through

“The only person who is educated is the one who learned how to learn and change” – Carl Rogers

We all are making a living through different sources of occupations. The educated and skilled categories can earn using the technique or qualification skills. The skilled do not have to work in an open space directly under sun, rain or wind. The educated categories get an opportunity to work with the big companies where all latest facilities are provided. However, the Unskilled Workers like labor or construction workers have to perform their work under every climatic condition.

Construction labors work day and night to complete the important projects like metro work, flyover work, building construction, and so on. The toil of labors in factories cannot be undervalued. The factory workers are important for running a factory successfully.

Behind every well maintained office or organizations the unskilled blue collar or mid-skilled workers. Well maintained AC, clean floors, desktops, tables, computers, and hygienic washrooms are due to the efforts of electrician, peon, cleaner, sweeper, and sanitary workers.

An honest servant or maid at office or home can make your life comfortable without any worries. If you are a working woman you need a maid to look after your home because you cannot perform all the tasks, you need someone to take care of your kids and to handle the kitchen work on your behalf.
The peons and guards are important in offices as they could convey all the information related to the outsiders before allowing him inside office premises. This is essential for the privacy and security of an organization to get the prior information about the outsiders. We need office boys, delivery boys, helpers to complete the tasks of work outside office.

Manual work is incomparable and manual workers are exceptional. We often appreciate the technical skill and knowledge of a person, but forget to show the gratitude towards the labors or manual workers. 

The manual workers have no or low education and therefore incapable to perform the tasks which require academic or professional knowledge. The unskilled workers can perform some manual labor to make their living. The unskilled workers have limited scope to change the occupations due to less or no education and are dependent on fewer works only.

After observing all the toils and conditions of the Blue-Collar Workers THEINCIRCLE job portal’s primary focus is unskilled workers. Our priority is blue-collar workers and providing them the right work opportunity. The low or no education should not stop their right to make a living. The blue-collars can perform several tasks in which manual work is more important than education.We must provide the work opportunities for the unskilled if we need them in every business. To find the unexpected categories of the blue-collar workers, visit



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