Monday, 6 July 2015

Job Opportunities For The Blue-Collar Workers Through Rozgar Camps

Work is not man’s punishment. It is his reward and his strength and his pleasure – George Sand

The blue collar jobs require manual labor, which mainly involves the manufacturing, mining and factory workers. Blue collar workers can also have minor knowledge of operating a machine. The category of blue collar workers includes drivers, cooks, maids, security guards, delivery staff, office helpers, etc. The tasks performed by the blue-collar workers or unskilled workers are important. 

The Delhi government is also initiating steps to implement welfare schemes for the laborers and workers. Previously minimum wages for unskilled category was Rs 8,632, which is now revised to Rs 9,048 per month and for the skilled labor the minimum wage will be   Rs 10,998. To help the construction workers, 18 more schemes will be launched.

Theincircle also initiated the Rozgar Camps to provide more job opportunities for the unskilled workers and labors.The unskilled category of workers faces difficulties to get the work as they do not have proper knowledge and qualification to contact the employer. Several blue collar workers are helpless to work at low wages because they are not aware with the job opportunities. To solve the problem of the unskilled, we organized the Rozgar Camps in the factory area where unskilled who are willing to change jobs or need a job can register with our job portal. We get the huge response from the unskilled and have stored all the data of the unskilled job profiles like their current work, the kind of work they can do, and years of experiences. 

Employers can register with Theincircle to Find Resume Factory Worker of a sweeper, maid, cleaner, helper, and labor. There are unexpected categories of unskilled workers in our job portal. Our Portal believes in Digitalization which is helping the unskilled workers to get in touch with the employers. The blue-collar workers are now able to find a job, according to the work they could perform with a reasonable wage. The unskilled are getting huge options so they do not need to work in low wage under any pressure.

Theincircle salutes the hard work and dedications of the blue-collar workers and aiming to organize more Rozgar Camps for the unskilled in the future. Our motto is to provide jobs for more unskilled workers to aid in eradicating the problem of unemployment and poverty. Getting the precise wage for the unskilled work is right of all blue collar workers.
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