Saturday, 17 October 2015

Blue Collar Workers are in Demand by Employers in Delhi NCR

Everyone praises the work of engineers, doctors, accountants or manager but forgets the millions of workers working in various places doing many small and basic tasks. We are speaking about blue collar workers e.g. peons, security guards, delivery boys, factory workers, cleaners, etc. Blue collar workers work day and night, yet they remain completely insignificant to the society. “Digital India” campaign can bring the much needed technology boost in rural places of India that will help the blue collar workers to find jobs. Blue collar workers are in demand in Delhi/NCR due to the great number of job opportunities here.

We can say one thing for sure that Delhi/NCR does have regular vacancies for factory workers and construction labours due to the presence of many factories and many ongoing construction projects. Although they are the most needed workers but they also have to toil hard for their work unlike other workers from their category like peons, delivery boys, cleaners, helpers, security guards, etc. The need for a good life brings people from many parts of India to Delhi/NCR, in that numbers of migrating people, the majority of people are unskilled and illiterate. They often face many hurdles before getting a job that too with insufficient income. Now, you can ask if these blue collar workers are in demand in Delhi/NCR then why they have to content with low income, why cannot they get job with respectable salary. The answer is loud and clear because the numbers of free job sites are very few in numbers that has information about blue collar workers in Delhi/NCR. Employers do wish to hire them regularly nut they do not have proper means to accomplish this task. Any employer will not stop their work because of lack hiring options of blue collar workers; this is the reason they have to fall back on the shoulder of local contractors, who manages workers for them.

THEINCIRCLE job portal is launched to cater to both the concerned parties i.e. blue collar workers and employers. THEINCIRCLE job site is absolutely free and contains information about blue collar workers such as their previous work and number of years of work experience, age and location. Many times, workers develop new skills throughout their previous jobs and wants new responsibilities in job other than their primary work. Employers can find resume of blue collar workers in Delhi/NCR at THEINCIRCLE job portal from many categories.



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