Sunday, 25 October 2015

Rozgar Camp A Boon For Labor, Helper And Workers

Delhi/NCR is growing enormously day by day. The presence of many industries has added to the growth of Delhi/NCR. Delhi/NCR employs not only professional workers but mid-skilled and unskilled workers too. Because of so many companies, factories and construction works happening daily at Delhi/NCR, the opportunities are enormous for mid-skilled and Unskilled Workers and Rozgar camp is helping them in their job search.

Mid-skilled and unskilled workers come from rural places of India and don’t know the right process of getting jobs in Delhi/NCR. Most often, they get only contractual jobs that have fixed duration and they become jobless again after the end of their contract. Mid-skilled and unskilled workers need jobs with enough salary so that they live peacefully in Delhi/NCR. Mid-skilled and unskilled workers don’t need extensive training, they can do fine with simple instructions. Professional workers have various methods like walk-in drives, job fairs, internships, industrial training and free job sites to find jobs related to their specific education and knowledge. On the other hand, mid-skilled and unskilled workers rarely have such opportunities. That’s why Rozgar camp is a very noble project. It enables a mid-skilled and unskilled worker to get information about the availability of jobs in their working area. Any mid-skilled and unskilled worker looking for jobs or want to change their current job can come at the nearby Rozgar camp and register there with their information about precious job(s), salary, location etc. The information is then matched with the available jobs and if any jobs match with their experience and knowledge then the mid-skilled and unskilled workers are accordingly told about such jobs.  

By storing such information, Rozgar camps provide an easy way for employers of any type to find mid-skilled and unskilled workers. The huge information of mid-skilled and unskilled workers is stored in digital resume format on the online job portal THEINCIRCLE. THEINCIRCLE organizes Rozgar camps across several parts of Delhi and NCR and plans to organize such camps in other parts of the country as well. Employers can successfully find resume of peons, factory workers, cleaners, maids, helpers, delivery boys, office boys, drivers, receptionists, Find Machine operators, construction labours, security guards and many more other type of mid-skilled and unskilled workers in Delhi/NCR. Since the inception of Rozgar camp, employers and workers both have benefited in equal ways because now mid-skilled and unskilled workers can know about jobs matching with their experience & knowledge and employers can find resume of mid-skilled and unskilled workers that fit into their job profile. 
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